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20 Years Assisting Business Owners

November 2017 – Scott F. Soape& Associates, LLC celebrates 20 years in business.

Georgetown resident and entrepreneur, Scott Soape, has provided commercial debt resolution services to small and medium size businesses nationwide for 20 years.

Soape assists business owners with their past due or disputed debts, judgments, liens or lawsuits by negotiating manageable payment plans on their behalf with their commercial creditors. Since founding his unique consulting practice in 1997, Scott has assisted hundreds of businesses resolve their problem payable accounts, helping many to keep their doors open for continued business and avoiding the need to lay off employees.

According to Soape, most of his business clients are simply experiencing temporary cash flow difficulties, usually because they are waiting for payments themselves, and just need a little relief from their creditors until business picks up or payments are received. As a highly skilled negotiator and work-out specialist, Scott helps restructure commercial debts so his clients may more easily manage these payments and concentrate on running their business operations.

A Houston native, Scott Soape has lived and worked in the Austin area since graduating from the School of Business at the University of Texas. With an extensive background in local banking and financial consulting, Soape draws upon over 35 years of business experience in assisting his clients with their commercial debt resolution needs.



Scott F. Soape & Associates, LLC is NOT A LAW FIRM. No legal advice can or will be provided.

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