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I will professionally and aggressively negotiate the most favorable settlement terms for you to include: the best discount on the amount claimed to be due and, if a payment plan is arranged, the lowest interest rate, longest time to pay and smallest monthly payment amount. You will then decide whether it is in your best interest to accept or reject the proposed settlement.

My Fee Arrangement is Very Simple:

“If I am not successful, there is no charge to my client”

That is, if I don’t reach a settlement to your complete satisfaction, you pay nothing. I work on a contingency basis so you only pay for results… No results/ No charge,


Full details of my Guarantee may be reviewed for free upon request prior to retaining my services.

Your Affordable Alternative

Fees are based on the size and complexity of each case and will be discussed and agreed upon during your initial free consultation before any settlement negotiations begin. You will be provided a written agreement for my services as well as written documentation on all settlements before they are accepted and finalized.

No risk

There is absolutely no risk in using my unique service and I may even be able to buy you some time at my expense. Should I fail to reach a satisfactory settlement, you can always choose another method to resolve the problem. However, my professional, aggressive approach works over 95% of the time to my clients’ complete satisfaction.

You may ask: “Why not just do this myself?”

The answer is EXPERIENCE. Although my clients may be great at their own businesses, I am a professional and a specialist in negotiating settlements. I know how to best position my clients with creditors so they receive the most advantageous settlement terms. In many cases, I already have a good working relationship with the creditor, their attorney or their collection agent and I know how their best deals are typically structured. You may be able to work out a settlement with a creditor but you may never know if that was the BEST deal you could get. Additionally, a third party can often take the emotion out of what can be a highly charged situation for both sides of a dispute. Hiring a professional will also let the creditor know you are serious about resolving a financial dispute.

You have nothing to lose and, potentially, a great deal to gain.

About Scott Soape

ScottSoapeScott Soape has worked in financial services and lived in the Austin, Texas area since graduating from the School of Business at The University of Texas in Austin. While employed as a bank executive early in his career, Scott taught banking classes in the evenings for the local community college and served as President of the American Institute of Banking in Austin.

Drawing upon his expertise in managing multi-million dollar bank investment portfolios, Scott joined a regional financial consulting firm that was subsequently acquired by a large national brokerage house. He eventually formed his own successful financial consulting business which he owned and operated for ten years until selling it in order to concentrate on his commercial debt resolution practice. Since forming this company, Scott has assisted small to medium sized businesses all over the country with their problem debts.


Scott F. Soape & Associates, LLC is NOT A LAW FIRM. No legal advice can or will be provided.

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