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I maintain many referral relationships with other professionals, executives and even creditors and their collection agents who know of businesses that could benefit from my service. Satisfied clients, CPAs, attorneys, bankers and other business owners are often my source for new clients.

If you know of a business experiencing debt difficulties and would like to help them avoid litigation or bankruptcy or, if you are a creditor and would like to attempt recovery without a lawsuit and costly collection expenses..

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. either notify my office of the debtor business name and contact person or relay my information to the debtor business owner.

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You can participate in my fee sharing arrangement for any earned fees generated from your referral and, if you prefer, your identity can remain completely confidential. In either case, I will professionally and tactfully offer my unique, risk-free service to the referred business owner and do all the work. Many referred businesses have multiple cases to work. Should your referred business become a client, all resulting fees generated will be shared with you. Please contact my office for details.


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