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Real Estate


“Clear Title to Your Clients’ Property”

Whenever the Preliminary Title Report indicates “Exceptions to Title” (from judgments, liens, lawsuits, UCC filings, etc.) I may be able to negotiate settlements at a discount and save your client thousands of dollars at closing.

Commercial or Residential

Save a transaction or simply put more money in your client’s pocket for a better net sales price and possibly more funds available for their next real estate purchase.

No Risk

If I am unable to reach a discounted settlement, the property owner pays nothing. No results / No Charge, GUARANTEED. You can also participate in my fee sharing arrangement for any earned fees generated from your referral, if you choose. Time is very critical so contact my office now for a free consultation.


Scott F. Soape & Associates, LLC is NOT A LAW FIRM. No legal advice can or will be provided.

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