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  • More money can be used for current business operations.
  • Reduction of accounts payable on your balance sheet.
  • Relief from stress, grief and embarrassment of creditor collection calls and letters… they come to us
  • Avoidance of the need to go to court and hiring an attorney with the ensuing expense of legal fees, court costs & filing fees (regardless of the outcome).
  • Preserve vendor relationships for future business.
  • Assistance in locating outside sources of funding .
  • Resolve problem debts before they become lawsuits.
  • More time can be spent making money rather than dealing with creditors and their collection agents or lawyers.


  • Quickly turn accounts receivable into cash.
  • Preserve customer relationships for future business.
  • Relief from stress and grief of chasing bad debts.
  • Receipt of money from debts that would otherwise be written off as uncollectable.
  • More working capital for current business operations.
  • Avoidance of costly litigation and collection expenses.



Scott F. Soape & Associates, LLC is NOT A LAW FIRM. No legal advice can or will be provided.

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